So what can I expect from you, Yvan?

I joked with a friend that my goal here should be to remind all future employers that I am un-hire-able (the spitting llama of hires). Really what’s up is that I had a neat blog on medium that I loved. Writing the posts on generative art and graphics was too much fun. I got busy trying to start a company in the EU, and the blog fell by the wayside. In 2020 I decided to restart the blog, then I moved to Arizona, got distracted starting a fruit tree orchard for three months, etc. So now I’m reprising the blog. You can expect the things I enjoyed most from the old blog: games, computer graphics, generative art, and other topics. For example, I build a wooden desk from scrap, and I think it would be interesting to share. I hope your interests are as eclectic as mine and you find something here that catches in your mind.

The DMT elves thank you for Sharing.

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